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Book Launch November 11, 2010

Filed under: photography — cyrandorman @ 1:06 pm

So, after months and months and rewrites and rewrites today I received an email to tell me that the Pulp Idol – Firsts book will be launched on 8th December.

The book contains the first chapter of novelists who, like myself reached the final of this years Writing on the Wall competition. It’s my first experience of what it will be like to be a ‘real’ writer and at times I’ve wondered if I wanted to be.

This has been my first experience of having to rewrite based on an editors notes. And then having to rewrite and having to rewrite again. It was frustrating at times although I know it was being done for the best, to ensure that my/our work is to the highest standard it can be. I’m hoping to use this book as a spring board, to get the attention of agents and publishers and so it isn’t really a complaint. More of a frustration. Given that this was just one chapter I can’t imagine how much rewriting needs to be done for an entire novel. But I’m willing to learn.

So, I suppose I should start shopping for dresses and practising my elevator pitch. This could be the start of something truly wonderful.


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