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Looking at Flickr September 12, 2010

Filed under: photography — cyrandorman @ 1:05 pm

Thamesmead Underpass, originally uploaded by CyranDorman.

This shot works so much better in Lightbox. Click on the photo or press L within the flickr page and you get to see it against a black bockground.

I’d been slightly resistant to the new flickr but my sister kept telling me that I’d get use to it and we’re all just too resistant to change. I like to think that I can go with the flow but it’s taken me a while to get into it. One of my absolute favourite features however is the option to see every photo against a black background by either clicking on the photo or pressing L within its page.

But about the picture and Thamesmead in general, I went for another visit recently to the place where I lived for a good few years in London. It’s worth reading the Wikipedia page about it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thamesmead There are many parts of Thamesmead like this and I think that the key to living there is in appreciating the beauty rather than paying attention to the rubbish and well frankly, the smell. In other parts of Thamesmead there are lakes, vast lakes, home Geese and Swans and Ducks, surrounded by fields of horses. One thing I really wondered when I started watching Misfits recently, (filmed almost entirely on location around Southmere Lake) is what did they do with the wildlife?

Have a look at the other pics in my Thamesmead set: www.flickr.com/photos/astrogirl72/sets/72157622907218918


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